Lockout Advice From an Emergency Car Locksmith

The Lock Boss is a leading Melbourne emergency locksmith service. One of the most common phrases we hear our customers say is “I have lost my car keys.” You have looked everywhere and you cannot find them. You have no idea where you may have left them. You need to get going very soon and need help in a hurry.” Has this ever happened to you?

This is a scenario that happens to people all over Melbourne, every day. Losing your car keys can be quite distressing. The most important thing is to not allow panic to take over. Often, you will find that with a bit of clear thinking you may be able to get back into your car without the help of a locksmith.


Begin by calling the person who has your spare key and asking them to bring it to you. If you have locked your phone in the car try walking into a nearby shop or cafe and ask the staff if you can use their phone.


You may not have a spare key at all. If this happens to you it is time to apply some logic. Where is the first place you went after you parked? Who did you see there? What did you touch? This kind of careful thinking will often make you retrace your steps and more often than not you will find your keys.


What if you suspect that you locked the keys in your car? All too often, we arrive to help a client and they are standing next to their cars with shattered glass all around – they decided to break a window. Only one problem – they still don’t have the keys because they were not in the car to begin with. Breaking a car window should be a last resort only when you cannot get a locksmith. If you manage to call our mobile locksmiths and wait a few minutes, we will be there to help you get back in the car without smashing windows. We will also provide you with a new key that you can use right away.

As we said earlier, the most important thing when you realize that you have locked yourself out of your car is to stay calm and think it through. If you struggle with that, our Melbourne car locksmith experts are just a phone call away.